Instance Property


An array of additional metadata for the player item to supplement or override that is embedded in the underlying media asset.


var externalMetadata: [AVMetadataItem] { get set }


In some cases, a media asset file may not contain the metadata you wish to present alongside it, such as description or content rating, or you may wish to override such metadata with information from an eternal source. When presenting the player item with the AVPlayerViewController class, you can use this property to provide displayable metadata for the following item types:

See Also

Associating Metadata for Playback with AVKit

var navigationMarkerGroups: [AVNavigationMarkersGroup]

The time marker groups that provide ways to navigate the player item’s content.

var interstitialTimeRanges: [AVInterstitialTimeRange]

The time ranges of the player item’s time line that represent interstitial content.

var nextContentProposal: AVContentProposal?

The item proposed to follow the current content.