Instance Property


The time marker groups that provide ways to navigate the player item’s content.


@property(nonatomic, copy) NSArray<AVNavigationMarkersGroup *> *navigationMarkerGroups;


A navigation marker group provides a set of time markers for navigating playback. The most common form of navigation marker group is a chapter list; however, you can also provide other sets of markers to allow a user to jump to significant events in the presentation. For example, a “Goals Scored” marker group might summarize key moments in a recorded sporting event. When you present a player item containing marker groups with the AVPlayerViewController class, the user interface provides options for navigating each group.

To provide a chapter list, use the first item in the navigationMarkerGroups array and set its title property to nil. To provide additional or alternate means of navigating content, use a unique title value for each navigation marker group in the array.

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