Instance Property


The accumulated duration, in seconds, until the player item is ready to play.


var startupTime: TimeInterval { get }


The value of the property is negative if unknown.

Corresponds to “c-startup-time”.

This property is not compatible with Key-value observing.

See Also

Getting Playback-Related Log Events

var playbackStartDate: Date?

The date and time at which playback began for this event.

var playbackSessionID: String?

A GUID that identifies the playback session.

var playbackStartOffset: TimeInterval

The offset, in seconds, in the playlist where the last uninterrupted period of playback began.

var playbackType: String?

The playback type.

var durationWatched: TimeInterval

The accumulated duration, in seconds, of the media played.

var numberOfDroppedVideoFrames: Int

The total number of dropped video frames

var numberOfStalls: Int

The total number of playback stalls encountered.

var numberOfSegmentsDownloaded: Int

A count of the media segments downloaded from the server to this client.

var segmentsDownloadedDuration: TimeInterval

The accumulated duration, in seconds, of the media segments downloaded.

var downloadOverdue: Int

The total number of times that downloading the segments took too long.

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