A single item in a player item's error log.


class AVPlayerItemErrorLogEvent : NSObject


An AVPlayerItemErrorLogEvent object provides named properties for accessing the data fields of each log event. Each event is a single entry in an AVPlayerItem object's error log. None of the properties of this class are observable using Cocoa Application Competencies for iOS.


Getting Information About the Event

var date: Date?

The date and time when the error occurred.

var uri: String?

The URI of the playback item that had an error.

var serverAddress: String?

The IP address of the server that was the source of the error.

var playbackSessionID: String?

A GUID that identifies the playback session that had an error.

var errorStatusCode: Int

A unique error code identifier.

var errorDomain: String

The domain of the error.

var errorComment: String?

A description of the error encountered


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Accessing Logs

func accessLog() -> AVPlayerItemAccessLog?

Returns an object that represents a snapshot of the network access log.

func errorLog() -> AVPlayerItemErrorLog?

Returns an object that represents a snapshot of the error log.

class AVPlayerItemAccessLog

An object used to retrieve the access log associated with a player item.

class AVPlayerItemAccessLogEvent

A single entry in a player item's access log.

class AVPlayerItemErrorLog

The error log associated with a player item.