Creates an initialized legible-output object.


init(mediaSubtypesForNativeRepresentation subtypes: [NSNumber])



An NSArray of NSNumber FourCC codes.

Return Value

An initialized instance of AVPlayerItemLegibleOutput.


When creating an instance you add media subtype FourCC codes as NSNumber objects to the subtypes array to elect to receive that type as a CMSampleBuffer instead of an attributed string. FourCC codes are converted to NSNumber objects as shown:

@[ [NSNumber numberWithUnsignedInt:'tx3g'] ]

Initializing an AVPlayerItemLegibleOutput using the init method (which is preferred) is equivalent to calling this method with an empty subtypes array, which means that all legible data, regardless of media subtype, is delivered using NSAttributedString instances in a common format.

If a media subtype for which there is no legible data in the current player item is included in the media subtypes array, no error occurs. An AVPlayerItemLegibleOutput instance doesn’t vend closed caption data as a CMSampleBuffer, so it is an error to include 'c608' in the media subtypes array.

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