An object that can vend media with a legible characteristic as an attributed string.


class AVPlayerItemLegibleOutput : AVPlayerItemOutput


Creating a Legible-Output Instance

init(mediaSubtypesForNativeRepresentation: [NSNumber])

Creates an initialized legible-output object.

Configuring Attributed-String Text Styling Settings

var textStylingResolution: AVPlayerItemLegibleOutput.TextStylingResolution

A string identifier indicating the degree of text styling to be applied to attributed strings vended by the object.

Configuring the Delegate

func setDelegate(AVPlayerItemLegibleOutputPushDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Sets the receiver's delegate and a dispatch queue on which the delegate is called.

protocol AVPlayerItemLegibleOutputPushDelegate

Methods you can implement to provide alternative attributed-string output.

var advanceIntervalForDelegateInvocation: TimeInterval

The time interval, in seconds, that a player item legible output object messages its delegate earlier than normal.

var delegateQueue: DispatchQueue?

The dispatch queue on which the delegate is called.


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Media Item Transfer

class AVPlayerItemOutput

The abstract class that defines the common interface for moving samples from an asset to a player.

protocol AVPlayerItemOutputPushDelegate

Methods you can implement to respond to changes in the media data sequence.

class AVPlayerItemMetadataOutput

An object used to vend collections of metadata items carried in metadata tracks.

class AVPlayerItemVideoOutput

An object that coordinates the output of content associated with a Core Video pixel buffer.

class AVPlayerItemMediaDataCollector

The abstract base for media data collectors.