An object used to capture the date range metadata defined for an HTTP Live Streaming asset.


class AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector : AVPlayerItemMediaDataCollector


You can use the HLS #EXT-X-DATERANGE tag to define date range metadata in a media playlist. This tag is useful for defining timed metadata for interstitial regions such as advertisements, but can be used to define any timed metadata needed by your stream. To access this metadata when the stream is played using an AVPlayer, you create an instance of AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector, configure its delegate object (see AVPlayerItemMetadataCollectorPushDelegate), and add it as a media data collector to the AVPlayerItem (see example).

class PlaybackController: NSObject, AVPlayerItemMetadataCollectorPushDelegate {
    let player = AVPlayer()
    var playerItem: AVPlayerItem!
    var metadataCollector: AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector!
    func prepareToPlay(url: URL) {
        metadataCollector = AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector()
        metadataCollector.setDelegate(self, queue: DispatchQueue.main)
        playerItem = AVPlayerItem(url: url)
        player.replaceCurrentItem(with: playerItem)
    func metadataCollector(_ metadataCollector: AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector,
                           didCollect metadataGroups: [AVDateRangeMetadataGroup],
                           indexesOfNewGroups: IndexSet,
                           indexesOfModifiedGroups: IndexSet) {
        // Process metadata

Creating an AVPlayerItemMetadataCollector as shown in the example, will capture all #EXT-X-DATERANGE metadata defined in your stream. If you would like to filter the output to only the metadata of interest, you can create an instance to filter by identifier and/or classifying labels using the init(identifiers:classifyingLabels:) initializer.


Creating a Metadata Collector

init(identifiers: [String]?, classifyingLabels: [String]?)

Creates a metadata collector to access a stream’s metadata groups matching the specified array of identifiers and classifying labels.

Accessing the Delegate and Callback Queue

func setDelegate(AVPlayerItemMetadataCollectorPushDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Sets the delegate and a dispatch queue on which the delegate will be called.

var delegate: AVPlayerItemMetadataCollectorPushDelegate?

Accesses the metadata collector’s delegate object.

protocol AVPlayerItemMetadataCollectorPushDelegate

A protocol you implement to receive metadata callbacks from a player item metadata collector.

var delegateQueue: DispatchQueue?

The dispatch queue on which the delegate’s methods are called.


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