The AVPlayerItemOutput class is an abstract class that defines the common interface for moving samples from an asset to an AVPlayer object. You do not create instances of this class directly but instead use one of the concrete subclasses that manage specific types of assets.


This class provides basic methods for converting time values to the timebase of the item. It also provides an option to suppress rendering of the output associated with the specific instance of this class.


Converting Time Information

func itemTime(forHostTime: CFTimeInterval)

Converts a host time (specified in seconds) to the item’s timebase.

func itemTime(forMachAbsoluteTime: Int64)

Converts a Mach host time to the item’s timebase.

func itemTime(for: CVTimeStamp)

Converts a Core Video timestamp to the item’s timebase.

Configuring the Playback Options

var suppressesPlayerRendering: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the player object renders the receiver’s output.


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