The AVPlayerItemVideoOutput lets you coordinate the output of content associated with a Core Video pixel buffer.


Initializing the Player Item Video Output

init(pixelBufferAttributes: [String : Any]? = nil)

Initializes and returns a video output object using the specified pixel buffer attributes.

init(outputSettings: [String : Any]?)

Returns a video output object initialized with the specified output settings.

Video Settings Dictionaries

Key and value constants for defining output image and video formats.

Accessing the Delegate

var delegate: AVPlayerItemOutputPullDelegate?

The delegate for the video output object.

var delegateQueue: DispatchQueue?

The dispatch queue on which to call delegate methods.

func setDelegate(AVPlayerItemOutputPullDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Sets the delegate and dispatch queue for the receiver.

Notifying the Delegate of Changes

func requestNotificationOfMediaDataChange(withAdvanceInterval: TimeInterval)

Informs the receiver that the video out put client is entering a quiescent state.

Getting Pixel Buffer Data

func hasNewPixelBuffer(forItemTime: CMTime)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether video output is available for the specified item time.

func copyPixelBuffer(forItemTime: CMTime, itemTimeForDisplay: UnsafeMutablePointer<CMTime>?)

Acquires and returns an image that is appropriate to display at the specified time.


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