Instance Property


An array containing replicas of the template player item used to accomplish the looping.


var loopingPlayerItems: [AVPlayerItem] { get }


AVPlayerLooper creates replicas of the template AVPlayerItem using the copyWithZone: method and inserts them in the queue player’s queue to accomplish the looping. You can determine the number of replicas created and can listen for notifications and property changes from the replicas if desired.

Access to the AVPlayerItem replicas are for informational purposes and to allow you to apply any configuration that is not transferred from the template player item to the replicas. For instance, any instances of AVPlayerItemOutput and AVPlayerItemMediaDataCollector attached to the template player item are not transferred to the replicas so you should add them to each replica item if needed.

See Also

Configuring the Player Looper

func disableLooping()

Disables looping for the player queue.