Instance Method


Returns a derivative portrait effects matte after applying the specified EXIF orientation.


- (instancetype)portraitEffectsMatteByApplyingExifOrientation:(CGImagePropertyOrientation)exifOrientation;



One of the standard EXIF orientation tags expressing how the portrait effects matte should be rotated or mirrored.

See Also

Creating a Portrait Effects Matte

Configuring Camera Capture to Collect a Portrait Effects Matte

Prepare your app to capture a portrait effects matte when taking photos.

+ portraitEffectsMatteFromDictionaryRepresentation:error:

Initializes a portrait effects matte instance from auxiliary image information in an image file.

- portraitEffectsMatteByReplacingPortraitEffectsMatteWithPixelBuffer:error:

Returns a portrait effects matte by wrapping the replacement pixel buffer.