Initializes a portrait effects matte instance from auxiliary image information in an image file.


convenience init(fromDictionaryRepresentation imageSourceAuxDataInfoDictionary: [AnyHashable : Any]) throws



A dictionary of information related to primitive portrait effects matte; obtained from CGImageSourceCopyAuxiliaryDataInfoAtIndex(_:_:_:).


When using the Image IO Framework's CGImageSource API to read from a HEIF or JPEG file containing a portrait effects matte, you can create an AVPortraitEffectsMatte object from the result of CGImageSourceCopyAuxiliaryDataInfoAtIndex(_:_:_:). This function returns a CFDictionary of primitive map information.

See Also

Creating a Portrait Effects Matte

Configuring Camera Capture to Collect a Portrait Effects Matte

Prepare your app to capture a portrait effects matte when taking photos.

func applyingExifOrientation(CGImagePropertyOrientation) -> Self

Returns a derivative portrait effects matte after applying the specified EXIF orientation.

func replacingPortraitEffectsMatte(with: CVPixelBuffer) -> Self

Returns a portrait effects matte by wrapping the replacement pixel buffer.