Instance Property


The current audio volume for the audio renderer.


var volume: Float { get set }


Use this property for frequent vloume changes; for example, a volume knob or fader. A value of 0.0 silences all audio while a value of 1.0 plays all audio at full volume.

See Also

Inspecting Sample Buffers

var audioOutputDeviceUniqueID: String?

The unique identifier of the output device used to play audio.

var isMuted: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether audio for the renderer is in a muted state.

var audioTimePitchAlgorithm: AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm

The processing algorithm used to manage audio pitch at different rates.

struct AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm

An algorithm used to set the audio pitch as the rate changes.

var status: AVQueuedSampleBufferRenderingStatus

The status of the audio renderer.

enum AVQueuedSampleBufferRenderingStatus

The statuses for sample buffer rendering.