Instance Property


The processing algorithm used to manage audio pitch at different rates.


var audioTimePitchAlgorithm: AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm { get set }


The default value on iOS is lowQualityZeroLatency; on macOS, the default is timeDomain. The device automatically mutes audio when timebase is not supported by AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm. Modifying this property while timebase is not 0.0 may cause the rate to briefly change to 0.0.

See Also

Inspecting Sample Buffers

var audioOutputDeviceUniqueID: String?

The unique identifier of the output device used to play audio.

var volume: Float

The current audio volume for the audio renderer.

var isMuted: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether audio for the renderer is in a muted state.

struct AVAudioTimePitchAlgorithm

An algorithm used to set the audio pitch as the rate changes.

var status: AVQueuedSampleBufferRenderingStatus

The status of the audio renderer.

enum AVQueuedSampleBufferRenderingStatus

The statuses for sample buffer rendering.