An object used to synchronize multiple queued sample buffers to a single timeline.


class AVSampleBufferRenderSynchronizer : NSObject


This class synchronizes multiple objects that conform to AVQueuedSampleBufferRendering to a single timeline.


Working with Time Observers

func addBoundaryTimeObserver(forTimes: [NSValue], queue: DispatchQueue?, using: () -> Void) -> Any

Requests invocation of a block when specified times are traversed during normal rendering.

func addPeriodicTimeObserver(forInterval: CMTime, queue: DispatchQueue?, using: (CMTime) -> Void) -> Any

Requests invocation of a block during rendering at specified time intervals.

func removeTimeObserver(Any)

Cancels the specified time observer.

Working with Renderers

var renderers: [AVQueuedSampleBufferRendering]

An array of queued sample buffer renderers currently attached to the synchronizer.

func addRenderer(AVQueuedSampleBufferRendering)

Adds a renderer to the list of renderers under the synchronizer's control.

Accessing Time Information

var timebase: CMTimebase

The synchronizer's rendering timebase, which governs how timestamps are interpreted.

func setRate(Float, time: CMTime)

Set's the timebase's rate and time.

var rate: Float

The current playback rate.

class let rateDidChangeNotification: NSNotification.Name

The synchronizer's rendering rate changed.

func currentTime() -> CMTime

Returns the current time of the synchronizer.


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