The modes that describe the buffer request direction.


enum Direction : Int


Buffer Direction

case forward

The number of following samples may be zero or greater.

case none

A single sample will be loaded.

case reverse

The number of previous samples may be zero or greater.

See Also

Configuring Sample Buffer Request Parameters

var limitCursor: AVSampleCursor?

The limiting position for sample loading.

var maxSampleCount: Int

The maximum number of samples to load.

var mode: AVSampleBufferRequest.Mode

The sample buffer request mode.

enum AVSampleBufferRequest.Mode

The modes that describe a buffer request.

var overrideTime: CMTime

The deadline for sample data and output PTS for the sample buffer.

var preferredMinSampleCount: Int

The preferred minimum number of samples to load.

var startCursor: AVSampleCursor

The starting cursor position.