An object that describes a sample buffer creation request.


class AVSampleBufferRequest : NSObject


Initializing a Sample Buffer Request

init(start: AVSampleCursor)

Creates a newly allocated sample buffer request with the specified sample cursor.

Configuring Sample Buffer Request Parameters

enum AVSampleBufferRequest.Direction

The modes that describe the buffer request direction.

var limitCursor: AVSampleCursor?

The limiting position for sample loading.

var maxSampleCount: Int

The maximum number of samples to load.

var mode: AVSampleBufferRequest.Mode

The sample buffer request mode.

enum AVSampleBufferRequest.Mode

The modes that describe a buffer request.

var overrideTime: CMTime

The deadline for sample data and output PTS for the sample buffer.

var preferredMinSampleCount: Int

The preferred minimum number of samples to load.

var startCursor: AVSampleCursor

The starting cursor position.


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Sample Buffer Manipulation

class AVSampleCursor

An object that provides information about the current media sample at its current position.

class AVSampleBufferGenerator

An object used to create sample buffer opaque objects.

protocol AVQueuedSampleBufferRendering

Methods you can implement to enqueue sample buffers for presentation.