Type Method


Returns a new semantic segmentation matte instance from auxiliary image information in an image file.


+ (instancetype)semanticSegmentationMatteFromImageSourceAuxiliaryDataType:(CFStringRef)imageSourceAuxiliaryDataType dictionaryRepresentation:(NSDictionary *)imageSourceAuxiliaryDataInfoDictionary error:(NSError * _Nullable *)outError;



The kCGImageAuxiliaryDataType constants corresponding to the semantic segmentation matte being created (see CGImageProperties).


A dictionary of primitive semantic segmentation matte information obtained from CGImageSourceCopyAuxiliaryDataInfoAtIndex.


On return, if the semantic segmentation matte cannot be created, points to an NSError describing the problem.

Return Value

A new semantic segmentation matte instance, or nil if the auxiliary data info dictionary is malformed.

See Also

Creating a Segmentation Matte

- semanticSegmentationMatteByReplacingSemanticSegmentationMatteWithPixelBuffer:error:

Returns a semantic segmentation matte instance that wraps the replacement pixel buffer.

- semanticSegmentationMatteByApplyingExifOrientation:

Returns a new semantic segmentation matte instance with the specified Exif orientation applied.

- dictionaryRepresentationForAuxiliaryDataType:

Returns a dictionary of primitive map information to use when writing an image file with a semantic segmentation matte.