An object that wraps a matting image for a particular semantic segmentation.


@interface AVSemanticSegmentationMatte : NSObject


The matting image stores its pixel data as CVPixelBuffer objects in kCVPixelFormatType_OneComponent8 format. The image file contains the semantic segmentation matte as an auxiliary image, accessible using the ImageIO framework’s CGImageSourceCopyAuxiliaryDataInfoAtIndex function.


Creating a Segmentation Matte

+ semanticSegmentationMatteFromImageSourceAuxiliaryDataType:dictionaryRepresentation:error:

Returns a new semantic segmentation matte instance from auxiliary image information in an image file.

- semanticSegmentationMatteByReplacingSemanticSegmentationMatteWithPixelBuffer:error:

Returns a semantic segmentation matte instance that wraps the replacement pixel buffer.

- semanticSegmentationMatteByApplyingExifOrientation:

Returns a new semantic segmentation matte instance with the specified Exif orientation applied.

- dictionaryRepresentationForAuxiliaryDataType:

Returns a dictionary of primitive map information to use when writing an image file with a semantic segmentation matte.

Inspecting a Segmentation Matte


The semantic segmentation matte image type.


String constants defining the types of segmentation matte images that you can capture along with the primary image.


The semantic segmentation matte’s internal image.


The pixel format type for this object’s internal matting image.


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