Instance Method


Pauses speech at the specified boundary constraint.


func pauseSpeaking(at boundary: AVSpeechBoundary) -> Bool



A constant describing whether speech should pause immediately or only after finishing the word currently being spoken.

Return Value

true if speech has paused, or false otherwise.


The boundary parameter also affects the manner in which the synthesizer, once paused, continues speech upon a call to continueSpeaking(). If paused with boundary constraint AVSpeechBoundary.immediate, speech continues from exactly the point at which it was paused, even if that point occurred in the middle of pronouncing a word. If paused with AVSpeechBoundary.word, speech continues from the word following the word on which it was paused.

See Also

Controlling Speech Synthesis

func continueSpeaking() -> Bool

Continues speech from the point at which it left off.

var isPaused: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether speech has been paused.

var isSpeaking: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the synthesizer is speaking.

func stopSpeaking(at: AVSpeechBoundary) -> Bool

Stops all speech at the specified boundary constraint.

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