Composes the composited video frames with the Core Animation layer.


convenience init(postProcessingAsVideoLayers videoLayers: [CALayer], in animationLayer: CALayer)



An array containing the video layers


The animation layer.

Return Value

A new AVVideoCompositionCoreAnimationTool instance with the composited video frames and the rendered animation layer.


Duplicates the composited video frames in each videoLayer and renders animationLayer to produce the final frame. The videoLayers should be in animationLayer's sublayer tree.

The animationLayer should not come from, or be added to, another layer tree.

See Also

Creating a Composition Tool

init(additionalLayer: CALayer, asTrackID: CMPersistentTrackID)

Adds a Core Animation layer to the video composition.

init(postProcessingAsVideoLayer: CALayer, in: CALayer)

Composes the composited video frame with a Core Animation layer.

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