Instance Property


The background color of the composition.


var backgroundColor: CGColor? { get }


Only solid BGRA colors are supported; patterns and other supported colors are ignored. If the rendered pixel buffer does not have alpha, the alpha value of the background color is ignored.

If the background color is NULL, the video compositor uses a default background color of opaque black.

See Also

Getting Composition Instruction Properties

var layerInstructions: [AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction]

An array of video composition layer instruction instances of that specify how video frames from source tracks should be layered and composed.

var timeRange: CMTimeRange

The time range during which the instruction is effective.

var enablePostProcessing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether post processing is required for the video composition instruction.

var passthroughTrackID: CMPersistentTrackID

The track identifier from an instruction source frame.

var requiredSourceTrackIDs: [NSValue]

An array of track identifiers required to compose frames for the instruction.