Methods you can implement to represent operations to be performed by a compositor.


protocol AVVideoCompositionInstructionProtocol


An AVVideoComposition object maintains an array of instructions to perform its composition.


Getting Track ID Settings

var passthroughTrackID: CMPersistentTrackID

The track identifier of the video composition when a single source frame should be displayed for the duration of the instruction.


var requiredSourceTrackIDs: [NSValue]?

The video track identifiers required to compose frames for this instruction.


Getting Tweening Settings

var containsTweening: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the composition contains tweening.


Getting Post-Processing Status

var enablePostProcessing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether post-processing is enabled for a composition.


Getting Timing Settings

var timeRange: CMTimeRange

The time range during which the instruction is effective.



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Configuring Video Composition Properties

var frameDuration: CMTime

A time interval for which the video composition should render composed video frames.

var renderSize: CGSize

The size at which the video composition should render.

var renderScale: Float

The scale at which the video composition should render.

var animationTool: AVVideoCompositionCoreAnimationTool?

A video composition tool to use with Core Animation in offline rendering.

var sourceTrackIDForFrameTiming: CMPersistentTrackID

A value that indicates whether frame timing for the video composition is derived from the source's asset track.

var colorPrimaries: String?

The color primaries used for video composition.

var colorTransferFunction: String?

The transfer function used for video composition.

var colorYCbCrMatrix: String?

The YCbCr matrix used for video composition.