An object that defines the context within which custom compositors render new output pixel buffers.


class AVVideoCompositionRenderContext : NSObject


An instance of AVVideoCompositionRenderContext provides size and scaling information and offers a service for efficiently providing pixel buffers from a managed pool of buffers.


Creating the Pixel Buffer

func newPixelBuffer() -> CVPixelBuffer?

Returns a pixel buffer to use for rendering.

Getting the Render Settings

var videoComposition: AVVideoComposition

The video composition being rendered.

var highQualityRendering: Bool

The rendering quality to use.

var renderScale: Float

A scaling ratio that is applied when rendering frames.

var renderTransform: CGAffineTransform

A transform to apply to the source image.

var size: CGSize

The width and height for the rendering frames.

Getting Pixel and Edge Width Information

var edgeWidths: AVEdgeWidths

The thickness of the edge processing region on the left, top, right, and bottom edges, in pixels.

struct AVEdgeWidths

An edge processing region thickness.

var pixelAspectRatio: AVPixelAspectRatio

The pixel aspect ratio for rendered frames.

struct AVPixelAspectRatio

A pixel aspect ratio for the rendering context.


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See Also

Video Composition

class AVVideoComposition

An object that represents an immutable video composition.

class AVMutableVideoComposition

An object that represents a mutable video composition.

class AVAsynchronousCIImageFilteringRequest

An object that supprts using Core Image filters to process an individual video frame in a video composition.

class AVAsynchronousVideoCompositionRequest

An object that contains the information necessary for a video compositor to render an output pixel buffer.

class AVMutableVideoCompositionInstruction

An operation performed by a compositor.

class AVMutableVideoCompositionLayerInstruction

An object used to modify the transform, cropping, and opacity ramps applied to a given track in a mutable composition.

class AVVideoCompositionCoreAnimationTool

An object used to incorporate Core Animation into a video composition.

class AVVideoCompositionInstruction

An operation performed by a compositor.

class AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction

An object used to modify the transform, cropping, and opacity ramps applied to a given track in a composition.