Instance Method


Reports that a key that has an invalid value.


- (BOOL)videoComposition:(AVVideoComposition *)videoComposition shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingInvalidValueForKey:(NSString *)key;



The video composition being validated.


The key being validated.

Return Value

YES if the video composition should continue validation in order to report additional problems that may exist, otherwise NO.

See Also

Configuring Validation Methods

- videoComposition:shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingEmptyTimeRange:

Reports a time range that has no corresponding video composition instruction.

- videoComposition:shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingInvalidTimeRangeInInstruction:

Reports a video composition instruction with a time range that is invalid.

- videoComposition:shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingInvalidTrackIDInInstruction:layerInstruction:asset:

Reports a video composition layer instruction that does not correspond to the track ID used for the composition’s animation or to a track of the asset.