Instance Method


Reports a video composition instruction with a time range that is invalid.


- (BOOL)videoComposition:(AVVideoComposition *)videoComposition shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingInvalidTimeRangeInInstruction:(id<AVVideoCompositionInstruction>)videoCompositionInstruction;



The video composition being validated.


The video composition instruction.

Return Value

YES if the video composition should continue validation in order to report additional problems that may exist, otherwise NO.


A time range is considered invalid when it overlaps with the time range of a prior instruction, or that contains times earlier than the time range of a prior instruction

See Also

Configuring Validation Methods

- videoComposition:shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingEmptyTimeRange:

Reports a time range that has no corresponding video composition instruction.

- videoComposition:shouldContinueValidatingAfterFindingInvalidTrackIDInInstruction:layerInstruction:asset:

Reports a video composition layer instruction that does not correspond to the track ID used for the composition’s animation or to a track of the asset.