Global Variable


A key to access the dictionary of compression properties for a video asset.


let AVVideoCompressionPropertiesKey: String


The value for this key is an instance of NSDictionary. Add entries to this dictionary to manually change bit rate, B-frame delivery, I-frame interval, and codec quality. Querying the supportedOutputSettingsKeys(for:) method reveals the keys supported for the current release and configuration.

See Also


let AVVideoAverageBitRateKey: String

A key to access the average bit rate—as bits per second—used in compressing video.

let AVVideoQualityKey: String

A key to set the JPEG compression quality of the video.

let AVVideoMaxKeyFrameIntervalKey: String

A key to access the maximum interval between keyframes.

let AVVideoMaxKeyFrameIntervalDurationKey: String

A key to access the maximum interval duration between keyframes.

let AVVideoAllowFrameReorderingKey: String

A key to access permission to reorder frames.