Global Variable


The entropy encoding mode for H.264 compression.


let AVVideoH264EntropyModeKey: String


If supported by an H.264 encoder, this property controls whether the encoder should use Context-based Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC) or Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC). CABAC generally gives better compression at the expense of higher computational overhead.

The default value is encoder-specific and may change depending on other encoder settings. Care should be taken when using this property as changes may result in a configuration which is not compatible with a requested Profile and Level. Results in this case are undefined, and could include encode errors or a non-compliant output stream.

See Also

Entropy Mode

let AVVideoH264EntropyModeCABAC: String

The encoder uses Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding.

let AVVideoH264EntropyModeCAVLC: String

The encoder uses Context-based Adaptive Variable Length Coding.

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