A view controller used to create custom content proposal presentations.


class AVContentProposalViewController : UIViewController


Subclass this class to define the user interface for your content proposal.


Accessing the Player View Controller

var playerViewController: AVPlayerViewController?

The player view controller presenting this content proposal.

Configuring the Content View Controller

var contentProposal: AVContentProposal?

The associated content proposal.

var dateOfAutomaticAcceptance: Date?

The date that this content proposal is scheduled to be automatically accepted.

var playerLayoutGuide: UILayoutGuide

A layout guide that tracks the size and location of the player view.

var preferredPlayerViewFrame: CGRect

The desired frame of the player view during presentation of the content proposal.

Dismissing the Content View Controller

enum AVContentProposalAction

Constant values for the content proposal action.

See Also

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Display a preview of an upcoming media item at the conclusion of the currently playing media item.

class AVContentProposal

An object that describes the content proposed to follow the current item.