Instance Property


A Boolean property that specifies if the current player view’s media can be trimmed.


@property(readonly) BOOL canBeginTrimming;


You should check the value of this property before calling beginTrimmingWithCompletionHandler: to determine if trimming is supported by the current media. This property will return NO if not supported by the current controlsStyle selection or if the media is content protected or is served using HTTP Live Streaming.

If you are presenting a menu item to initiate trimming, a good place to perform this check is in the validateUserInterfaceItem: method of NSDocument:

- (BOOL)validateUserInterfaceItem:(id <NSValidatedUserInterfaceItem>)item {
    if ([item action] == @selector(beginTrimming:)) {
        return self.playerView.canBeginTrimming;
    return [super validateUserInterfaceItem:item];

See Also

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- beginTrimmingWithCompletionHandler:

Sets the player view’s controls panel into trimming mode.


Constants that specify what the user’s action was when trimming the media in a player view. See beginTrimmingWithCompletionHandler: for more information.