Instance Property


The player view’s controls style.


var controlsStyle: AVPlayerViewControlsStyle { get set }


The player view supports a number of different control styles that you can use to customize the player view’s appearance and behavior. See AVPlayerViewControlsStyle for the possible values.

See Also

Customizing the User Interface

enum AVPlayerViewControlsStyle

Constants that specify which, if any, controls are displayed for the player view.

var showsFrameSteppingButtons: Bool

A Boolean property that determines if frame stepping buttons should be shown in the player view.

var showsSharingServiceButton: Bool

A Boolean property that determines if a sharing service button is displayed.

var showsFullScreenToggleButton: Bool

A Boolean property that determines if the full screen toggle button is displayed.

var contentOverlayView: NSView?

A view that adds additional custom views between the video content and the controls.

var actionPopUpButtonMenu: NSMenu?

An action pop-up button menu that is displayed by the player view.

var updatesNowPlayingInfoCenter: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the player view controller updates the now playing info center.