Instance Property


A Boolean property that determines if frame stepping buttons should be shown in the player view.


var showsFrameSteppingButtons: Bool { get set }


When true, the fast-forward/rewind controls in the playback UI are replaced with with frame stepping buttons. This property is currently supported only when using a controlsStyle of AVPlayerViewControlsStyle.floating.

The default value is false.

See Also

Customizing the User Interface

var controlsStyle: AVPlayerViewControlsStyle

The player view’s controls style.

enum AVPlayerViewControlsStyle

Constants that specify which, if any, controls are displayed for the player view.

var showsSharingServiceButton: Bool

A Boolean property that determines if a sharing service button is displayed.

var showsFullScreenToggleButton: Bool

A Boolean property that determines if the full screen toggle button is displayed.

var contentOverlayView: NSView?

A view that adds additional custom views between the video content and the controls.

var actionPopUpButtonMenu: NSMenu?

An action pop-up button menu that is displayed by the player view.

var updatesNowPlayingInfoCenter: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the player view controller updates the now playing info center.