Create view-level services for media playback, complete with user controls, chapter navigation, and support for subtitles and closed captioning.


The AVKit framework provides a high-level interface for playing video content.


Media Playback

Adopting Picture in Picture in a Standard Player

Add Picture in Picture (PiP) playback to your app using a player view controller.

Adopting Picture in Picture in a Custom Player

Add controls to your custom player user interface to invoke Picture in Picture (PiP) playback.

Working with Interstitial Content in tvOS

Present additional content such as legal text, content warnings, or advertisements alongside your main media presentation.

Adopting Custom Interactive Overlays, Channel Flipping, and Parental Controls in tvOS Video Playback

This sample demonstrates support for custom interactive overlays, and parental controls, using AVPlayerViewController.

Adding Information to the Info Panel (tvOS)

Add metadata information and navigation markers to the Info panel in Apple TV.


A view controller that displays the video content from a player object along with system-supplied playback controls.


A macOS-only object that displays the video content from a player object along with system-supplied playback controls.


A controller that responds to user-initiated Picture in Picture playback of video in a floating, resizable window.


A time range in an audiovisual presentation designated as interstitial content, such as advertisements or legal notices.


A set of markers for navigating playback of an audiovisual presentation.

Proposing Content

Presenting Content Proposals in tvOS

Display a preview of an upcoming media item at the conclusion of the currently playing media item.


A view controller used to create custom content proposal presentations.


An object that describes the content proposed to follow the current item.

Playback Route Selection


A view that displays controls for selecting playback routes.

TV and Video Syncing


A management object that controls whether the TV switches modes to match the video’s native mode.

macOS Media Capture


A view used to display standard user interface controls for capturing media data.


AVKit Metadata Identifiers

Additional metadata contained by an asset.