Property List Key

A Boolean value that indicates whether the app may access the notes stored in contacts.




When your app loads one or more entries from the user’s contacts—for example, by calling the unifiedContactsMatchingPredicate:keysToFetch:error: method—you provide a list of keys specifying what fields to fetch. If your app links against iOS 13 or later, the app must have the entitlement to request the note field using CNContactNoteKey. Without the entitlement, your app receives an unauthorizedKeys error when trying to fetch notes.

To add the entitlement to your app, in the Xcode property list editor, set the entitlement’s type to Boolean, and the corresponding value to YES.

Screenshot of Xcode showing the contact notes entitlement in an app’s entitlements file.

Before you can submit an app with this entitlement to the App Store, you must first get permission to use the entitlement. Request permission at