Property List Key

HealthKit Capabilities Entitlement

Health data types that require additional permission.


array of strings

Possible Values


The app can request access to FHIR-backed clinical records.


The HealthKit Entitlement provides access to most HealthKit data types. However, because of their highly sensitive nature, some data types require additional entitlements. The HealthKit Capabilities Entitlement provides access to these data types.

To add this entitlement to your app, first enable the HealthKit capability in Xcode, and then check any values that you want to add to the HealthKit Capabilities Entitlement.

Only add values for data types that your app needs to access. App Review may reject apps that don’t use the data appropriately. For more information, see the Health and Health Research section of the App Store Review Guidelines.

See Also


HealthKit Entitlement

A Boolean value that indicates whether the app may request user authorization to access health and activity data that appears in the Health app.