Property List Key


The base path to the files or directories the app installs.


Installation directory base file URL

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property list key APFiles

Describes the files or directories the app installs on the system.

Name: Installation files
property list key ATSApplicationFontsPath

The location of a font file or directory of fonts in the bundle’s Resources folder.

Name: Application fonts resource path
property list key NSDockTilePlugIn

The name of the app's plug-in bundle.

Name: Dock Tile plugin path
property list key NSServices

The services provided by an app.

Name: Services
property list key NSSupportsSuddenTermination

A Boolean value indicating whether the system may terminate the app to log out or shut down more quickly.

Name: Application can be killed immediately after launch
property list key TICapsLockLanguageSwitchCapable

A Boolean value that enables the Caps Lock key to switch between Latin and non-Latin input sources.