App Services

Configure services provided by the app, like support for giving directions or using game controllers.


Add keys to your app’s Information Property List file that tell the system about services that your app provides.



property list key GKGameCenterBadgingDisabled

A Boolean value indicating whether badges can be added to a turn-based app icon.

property list key GKShowChallengeBanners

A Boolean value indicating whether challenge banners can be displayed within an app.

property list key GCSupportedGameControllers

The types of game controllers allowed or required by the app.

property list key GCSupportsControllerUserInteraction

A Boolean value indicating whether the app supports a game controller.

Name: Supports Controller User Interaction
property list key GCSupportsMultipleMicroGamepads

A Boolean value indicating whether the physical Apple TV Remote and the Apple TV Remote app operate as separate game controllers.


property list key MKDirectionsApplicationSupportedModes

The modes of transportation for which the app is capable of giving directions.

Name: Maps routing app supported modes


property list key

A list of FeliCa system codes that the app supports.

Name: ISO18092 system codes for NFC Tag Reader Session
property list key

A list of application identifiers that the app supports.

Name: ISO7816 application identifiers for NFC Tag Reader Session


property list key ASWebAuthenticationSessionWebBrowserSupportCapabilities

A collection of keys that a browser app uses to declare its ability to handle authentication requests from other apps.

External Accessories

property list key UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols

The protocols that the app supports and can use to communicate with external accessory hardware.

Name: Supported external accessory protocols

Service Management

property list key SMAuthorizedClients

The Service Management clients authorized to add and remove tools.

Name: Clients allowed to add and remove tool
property list key SMPrivilegedExecutables

The Service Management tools owned by the app.

Name: Tools owned after installation

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