Bundle Configuration

Define basic characteristics of a bundle, like its name, type, and version.


The Information Property List file associated with a bundle tells you how to interpret the bundle’s contents. The file describes fundamental features, like whether the bundle contains an app, a framework, or something else. It also includes identifying characteristics of the bundle, like an identifier, a human-readable name, and a version.



property list key CFBundlePackageType

The type of bundle.

Name: Bundle OS Type code
property list key LSApplicationCategoryType

The category that best describes your app for the App Store.

Name: Application Category


property list key CFBundleIdentifier

A unique identifier for a bundle.


Name: Bundle identifier
property list key WKAppBundleIdentifier

The bundle ID of the watchOS app.

property list key WKCompanionAppBundleIdentifier

The bundle ID of the watchOS app’s companion iOS app.


property list key CFBundleName

A user-visible short name for the bundle.

Name: Bundle name
property list key CFBundleDisplayName

The user-visible name for the bundle, used by Siri and visible on the iOS Home screen.

Name: Bundle display name
property list key CFBundleSpokenName

A replacement for the app name in text-to-speech operations.

Name: Accessibility Bundle Name

Bundle Version

property list key CFBundleVersion

The version of the build that identifies an iteration of the bundle.

Name: Bundle version
property list key CFBundleShortVersionString

The release or version number of the bundle.

Name: Bundle versions string, short
property list key CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion

The current version of the Information Property List structure.

Name: InfoDictionary version
property list key NSHumanReadableCopyright

A human-readable copyright notice for the bundle.

Name: Copyright (human-readable)

Operating System Version

property list key LSMinimumSystemVersion

The minimum operating system version required for the app to run.

Name: Minimum system version
property list key LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture

The minimum version of macOS required for the app to run on a set of architectures.

Name: Minimum system versions, per-architecture
property list key MinimumOSVersion

The minimum operating system version required for the app to run on iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

property list key LSRequiresIPhoneOS

A Boolean value indicating whether the app must run in iOS.

Name: Application requires iPhone environment
property list key WKWatchKitApp

A Boolean value that indicates whether the bundle is a watchOS app.


property list key CFBundleDevelopmentRegion

The default language and region for the bundle, as a language ID.

Name: Localization native development region
property list key CFBundleLocalizations

The localizations handled manually by your app.

Name: Localizations
property list key CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations

A Boolean value that indicates whether the bundle supports the retrieval of localized strings from frameworks.

Name: Localized resources can be mixed
property list key TICapsLockLanguageSwitchCapable

A Boolean value that enables the Caps Lock key to switch between Latin and non-Latin input sources.


property list key CFAppleHelpAnchor

The name of the bundle’s HTML help file.

Name: Help file
property list key CFBundleHelpBookName

The name of the help file that will be opened in Help Viewer.

Name: Help Book identifier
property list key CFBundleHelpBookFolder

The name of the folder containing the bundle’s help files.

Name: Help Book directory name

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