Property List Key


The document types supported by the bundle.


Document types
array of dictionaries


Property List Keys

property list key CFBundleTypeIconFile

The icon to associate with the document type.

Name: Icon File Name
property list key CFBundleTypeName

The abstract name for the document type.


Name: Document Type Name
property list key CFBundleTypeRole

The app's role with respect to the document type.

Name: Role
property list key LSHandlerRank

The ranking of this app among apps that declare themselves as editors or viewers of the given file type.

Name: Handler rank
property list key LSItemContentTypes

The document file types the app supports.

Name: Document Content Type UTIs
property list key LSTypeIsPackage

A Boolean value indicating whether the document is distributed as a bundle.

Name: Document is a package or bundle
property list key NSDocumentClass

The subclass used to create instances of this document.

Name: Cocoa NSDocument Class
property list key NSExportableTypes

The file types that this document can be exported to.

Name: Exportable Type UTIs

See Also


property list key UISupportsDocumentBrowser

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is a document-based app.

Name: Supports Document Browser
property list key LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace

A Boolean value indicating whether the app may open the original document from a file provider, rather than a copy of the document.

Name: Supports opening documents in place
property list key NSPersistentStoreTypeKey

The Core Data persistent store type associated with a document type.

Name: Core Data persistent store type