Property List Key


The version of the build that identifies an iteration of the bundle.


Bundle version


This key is a machine-readable string composed of one to three period-separated integers, such as 10.14.1. The string can only contain numeric characters (0-9) and periods.

Each integer provides information about the build version in the format [Major].[Minor].[Patch]:

  • Major: A major revision number.

  • Minor: A minor revision number.

  • Patch: A maintenance release number.

You can include more integers but the system ignores them.

You can also abbreviate the build version by using only one or two integers, where missing integers in the format are interpreted as zeros. For example, 0 specifies 0.0.0, 10 specifies 10.0.0, and 10.5 specifies 10.5.0.

This key is required by the App Store and is used throughout the system to identify the version of the build. For macOS apps, increment the build version before you distribute a build.

See Also

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