Property List Key


A Boolean value indicating whether the host loads this plug-in.


Plug-in should be registered dynamically

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Core Foundation

property list key CFAppleHelpAnchor

The name of the bundle’s HTML help file.

Name: Help file
property list key CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations

A Boolean value that indicates whether the bundle supports the retrieval of localized strings from frameworks.

Name: Localized resources can be mixed
property list key CFBundleDevelopmentRegion

The default language and region for the bundle, as a language ID.

Name: Localization native development region
property list key CFBundleDisplayName

The user-visible name for the bundle; used by Siri and visible on the iOS Home screen.

Name: Bundle display name
property list key CFBundleDocumentTypes

The document types supported by the bundle.

Name: Document types
property list key CFBundleExecutable

The name of the bundle’s executable file.

Name: Executable file
property list key CFBundleHelpBookFolder

The name of the folder containing the bundle’s help files.

Name: Help Book directory name
property list key CFBundleHelpBookName

The name of the help file that will be opened in Help Viewer.

Name: Help Book identifier
property list key CFBundleIconFile

The file containing the bundle's icon.

Name: Icon file
property list key CFBundleIconFiles

The names of the bundle’s icon image files.

Name: Icon files
property list key CFBundleIconName

The name of the asset that represents the app icon.

Name: Icon Name
property list key CFBundleIcons

Information about all of the icons used by the app.

Name: Icon files (iOS 5)
property list key CFBundleAlternateIcons

Information about alternate app icons that can be used by the app.

property list key CFBundleIdentifier

A unique identifier for a bundle.


Name: Bundle identifier
property list key CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion

The current version of the Information Property List structure.

Name: InfoDictionary version
property list key CFBundleLocalizations

The localizations handled manually by your app.

Name: Localizations
property list key CFBundleName

A user-visible short name for the bundle.

Name: Bundle name
property list key CFBundlePackageType

The type of bundle.

Name: Bundle OS Type code
property list key CFBundleShortVersionString

The release or version number of the bundle.

Name: Bundle versions string, short
property list key CFBundleSpokenName

A replacement for the app name in text-to-speech operations.

Name: Accessibility Bundle Name
property list key CFBundleURLTypes

A list of URL schemes (http, ftp, and so on) supported by the app.

Name: URL types
property list key CFBundleVersion

The version of the build that identifies an iteration of the bundle.

Name: Bundle version
property list key CFPlugInDynamicRegisterFunction

The function to use when dynamically registering a plug-in.

Name: Plug-in dynamic registration function name
property list key CFPlugInFactories

The interfaces supported by the plug-in for static registration.

Name: Plug-in factory interfaces
property list key CFPlugInTypes

One or more groups of interfaces supported by the plug-in for static registration.

Name: Plug-in types
property list key CFPlugInUnloadFunction

The name of the function to call to unload the plug-in code from memory.

Name: Plug-in unload function name
property list key CSResourcesFileMapped

A Boolean value indicating whether the app's resources files should be mapped into memory.

Name: Resources should be file-mapped