Data and Storage

Regulate documents, URLs, and other kinds of data movement and storage.


The system needs to know what kinds of data your app stores, provides, or consumes. Add keys to your app’s Information Property List that declare your app’s data management capabilities.



property list key CFBundleDocumentTypes

The document types supported by the bundle.

Name: Document types
property list key UISupportsDocumentBrowser

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is a document-based app.

Name: Supports Document Browser
property list key LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace

A Boolean value indicating whether the app may open the original document from a file provider, rather than a copy of the document.

Name: Supports opening documents in place
property list key NSPersistentStoreTypeKey

The Core Data persistent store type associated with a document type.

Name: Core Data persistent store type

URL Schemes

property list key CFBundleURLTypes

A list of URL schemes (http, ftp, and so on) supported by the app.

Name: URL types

Universal Type Identifiers

property list key UTExportedTypeDeclarations

The uniform type identifiers owned and exported by the app.

Name: Exported Type UTIs
property list key UTImportedTypeDeclarations

The uniform type identifiers inherently supported, but not owned, by the app.

Name: Imported Type UTIs

Secure Transport

property list key NSAppTransportSecurity

A description of changes made to the default security for HTTP connections.

Name: App Transport Security Settings


property list key APFiles

Describes the files or directories the app installs on the system.

Name: Installation files
property list key APInstallerURL

The base path to the files or directories the app installs.

Name: Installation directory base file URL
property list key NSSupportsPurgeableLocalStorage

A Boolean value indicating whether the app continues working if the system purges the local storage.

property list key LSFileQuarantineEnabled

A Boolean value indicating whether the files this app creates are quarantined by default.

Name: File quarantine enabled
property list key UIFileSharingEnabled

A Boolean value indicating whether the app shares files through iTunes.

Name: Application supports iTunes file sharing
property list key CSResourcesFileMapped

A Boolean value indicating whether the app's resources files should be mapped into memory.

Name: Resources should be file-mapped

CoreML Models

property list key LSBundleContainsCoreMLmlmodelc

A Boolean value indicating whether the app contains a Core ML model to optimize loading the model.

Name: Bundle contains CoreML models


property list key NSJavaRoot

The root directory for the app’s Java class files.

Name: Java root directory

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