Property List Key


A Boolean value indicating whether the app uses encryption.


App Uses Non-Exempt Encryption


Set the value for this key to NO in your app’s Information Property List file to indicate that your app—including any third-party libraries you link against—either uses no encryption, or only uses encryption that’s exempt from export compliance requirements, as described in Determine your export compliance requirements. Set the value to YES to indicate that your app uses non-exempt encryption.

If you set the value to YES, you typically also provide a value for the ITSEncryptionExportComplianceCode key. You set that key’s value using a code Apple provides after successfully reviewing your export compliance documentation.

If you don’t have the ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption key in your app’s Info.plist file, App Store Connect walks you through an export compliance questionnaire every time you upload a new version of your app. Including the key streamlines the app submission process.

For additional information, see Complying with Encryption Export Regulations.

See Also

Encryption Export Compliance Keys

property list key ITSEncryptionExportComplianceCode

The export compliance code provided by App Store Connect for apps that require it.

Name: App Encryption Export Compliance Code