Property List Key


The minimum version of macOS required for the app to run on a set of architectures.


Minimum system versions, per-architecture



See Also

Core Services

property list key LSApplicationCategoryType

The category that best describes your app for the App Store.

Name: Application Category
property list key LSBackgroundOnly

A Boolean value indicating whether the app runs only in the background.

Name: Application is background only
property list key LSBundleContainsCoreMLmlmodelc

A Boolean value indicating whether the app contains a Core ML model to optimize loading the model.

Name: Bundle contains CoreML models
property list key LSEnvironment

Environment variables to set before launching the app.

Name: Environment variables
property list key LSExecutableArchitectures

The architectures that the app supports.

Name: Executable architectures
property list key LSFileQuarantineEnabled

A Boolean value indicating whether the files this app creates are quarantined by default.

Name: File quarantine enabled
property list key LSGetAppDiedEvents

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is notified when a child process dies.

Name: Application should get App Died events
property list key LSMinimumSystemVersion

The minimum operating system version required for the app to run.

Name: Minimum system version
property list key LSMultipleInstancesProhibited

A Boolean value indicating whether more than one user can launch the app simultaneously.

Name: Application prohibits multiple instances
property list key LSRequiresIPhoneOS

A Boolean value indicating whether the app must run in iOS.

Name: Application requires iPhone environment
property list key LSRequiresNativeExecution

A Boolean value indicating whether to launch the app using the sub-binary for the current architecture.

Name: Application requires native environment
property list key LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace

A Boolean value indicating whether the app may open the original document from a file provider, rather than a copy of the document.

Name: Supports opening documents in place
property list key LSUIElement

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is an agent app that runs in the background and doesn't appear in the Dock.

Name: Application is agent (UIElement)
property list key LSUIPresentationMode

The initial user-interface mode for the app.

Name: Application UI Presentation Mode
property list key UTExportedTypeDeclarations

The uniform type identifiers owned and exported by the app.

Name: Exported Type UTIs
property list key UTImportedTypeDeclarations

The uniform type identifiers inherently supported, but not owned, by the app.

Name: Imported Type UTIs