Property List Key


A dictionary containing information about launch images.


array of dictionaries


UILaunchImages has been deprecated; use Xcode launch storyboards instead. For more information on how to construct and format your launch storyboard, see Launch Screen.


Property List Keys

property list key UILaunchImageMinimumOSVersion

A string representing the minimum iOS version number for which the image is intended.

property list key UILaunchImageName

A string containing the name of the image file.

property list key UILaunchImageOrientation

A string containing the orientation of the image

property list key UILaunchImageSize

A string containing the width and height of the image.

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property list key UIAppFonts

App-specific font files located in the bundle and that the system loads at runtime.

Name: Fonts provided by application
property list key UIAppSupportsHDR

A Boolean value indicating whether the app supports HDR mode on Apple TV 4K.

Name: Supports HDR color mode
property list key UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend

A Boolean value indicating whether the app terminates, rather than moves to the background, when the app quits.

Name: Application does not run in background
property list key UIApplicationShortcutWidget

The bundle ID of the widget that's available as a Home screen quick action in apps that have more than one widget.

Name: Home Screen Widget
property list key UIBackgroundModes

Services provided by an app that require it to run in the background.

Name: Required background modes
property list key UIFileSharingEnabled

A Boolean value indicating whether the app shares files through iTunes.

Name: Application supports iTunes file sharing
property list key UIInterfaceOrientation

The initial orientation of the app’s user interface.

Name: Initial interface orientation
property list key UILaunchStoryboardName

The filename of the storyboard from which to generate the app’s launch image.

Name: Launch screen interface file base name
property list key UIMainStoryboardFile

The name of the app’s main storyboard file.

Name: Main storyboard file base name
property list key UIPrerenderedIcon

A Boolean value indicating whether the app’s icon already contains a shine effect.

Name: Icon already includes gloss effects
property list key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities

The device-related features that the app requires to run.

Name: Required device capabilities
property list key UIRequiresPersistentWiFi

A Boolean value indicating whether the app requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Name: Application uses Wi-Fi
property list key UIStatusBarHidden

A Boolean value indicating whether the status bar is initially hidden when the app launches.

Name: Status bar is initially hidden
property list key UIStatusBarStyle

The style of the status bar as the app launches.

Name: Status bar style
property list key UIStatusBarTintParameters

The status bar tint.

Name: Status bar tinting parameters
property list key UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols

The protocols that the app supports and can use to communicate with external accessory hardware.

Name: Supported external accessory protocols
property list key UISupportedInterfaceOrientations

The interface orientations the app supports.

Name: Supported interface orientations
property list key UISupportsDocumentBrowser

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is a document-based app.

Name: Supports Document Browser
property list key UIUserInterfaceStyle

The user interface style for the app.

Name: User Interface Style
property list key UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance

A Boolean value indicating whether the status bar appearance is based on the style preferred for the current view controller.

Name: View controller-based status bar appearance
property list key UIViewEdgeAntialiasing

A Boolean value indicating whether Core Animation layers use antialiasing when drawing a layer that's not aligned to pixel boundaries.

Name: Renders with edge antialiasing
property list key UIViewGroupOpacity

A Boolean value indicating whether Core Animation sublayers inherit the opacity of their superlayer.

Name: Renders with group opacity
property list key UIWhitePointAdaptivityStyle

The app’s white point adaptivity style, enabled on devices with True Tone displays.

Name: White Point Adaptivity Style