Property List Key


The uniform type identifiers owned and exported by the app.


Exported Type UTIs
array of dictionaries


Property List Keys

property list key UTTypeConformsTo

The Uniform Type Identifier types that this type conforms to.


Name: Conforms to UTIs
property list key UTTypeDescription

A description for this type.

Name: Description
property list key UTTypeIconFile

The bundle icon resource to associate with this type.

Name: Icon file name
property list key UTTypeIconFiles

One or more bundle icon resources to associate with this type.

Name: Icon file names
property list key UTTypeIdentifier

The Uniform Type Identifier to assign to this type.


Name: Identifier
property list key UTTypeReferenceURL

The webpage for a reference document that describes this type.

Name: Reference URL
property list key UTTypeTagSpecification

A dictionary defining one or more equivalent type identifiers.


Name: Equivalent Types

See Also

Universal Type Identifiers

property list key UTImportedTypeDeclarations

The uniform type identifiers inherently supported, but not owned, by the app.

Name: Imported Type UTIs