Property List Key


The bundle ID of the watchOS app.




This key is automatically included in your WatchKit extension’s information property list when you create a watchOS project from a template.

See Also

Information Property List Keys

property list key WKWatchKitApp

A Boolean value that indicates whether the bundle is a watchOS app.

property list key WKCompanionAppBundleIdentifier

The bundle ID of the watchOS app’s companion iOS app.

property list key WKExtensionDelegateClassName

The name of your watchOS app’s extension delegate.

property list key WKRunsIndependentlyOfCompanionApp

A Boolean value indicating whether the user can install and run the watchOS app independently of its iOS companion app.

Name: App can run independently of companion iPhone app
property list key WKWatchOnly

A Boolean value indicating whether the app is a watch-only app.

Name: App is only available as a standalone watchOS app