Property List Key


A Boolean value that indicates whether the bundle is a watchOS app.




Xcode automatically includes this key in the WatchKit app’s information property list when you create a watchOS project from a template.

See Also


property list key CLKComplicationPrincipalClass

The name of the class that implements the complication data source protocol.

Name: ClockKit Complication - Principal Class
property list key CLKComplicationSupportedFamilies

The complication families for which the app can provide data.

Name: ClockKit Complication - Supported Families
property list key PUICAutoLaunchAudioOptOut

A Boolean value indicating whether a watchOS app should opt out of automatically launching when its companion iOS app starts playing audio content.

Name: Opt out of Auto-launch Audio App (Watch)
property list key WKAppBundleIdentifier

The bundle ID of the watchOS app.

property list key WKBackgroundModes

The services a Watch app provides that require it to continue running while in the background.

Name: Required background modes (Watch)
property list key WKCompanionAppBundleIdentifier

The bundle ID of the watchOS app’s companion iOS app.

property list key WKExtensionDelegateClassName

The name of your watchOS app’s extension delegate.