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App is only available as a standalone watchOS app

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Launch Conditions

property list key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities

The device-related features that the app requires to run.

Name: Required device capabilities
property list key LSMultipleInstancesProhibited

A Boolean value indicating whether more than one user can launch the app simultaneously.

Name: Application prohibits multiple instances
property list key LSExecutableArchitectures

The architectures that the app supports.

Name: Executable architectures
property list key LSRequiresNativeExecution

A Boolean value indicating whether to launch the app using the sub-binary for the current architecture.

Name: Application requires native environment
property list key WKRunsIndependentlyOfCompanionApp
Name: App can run independently of companion iPhone app
property list key PUICAutoLaunchAudioOptOut

A Boolean value indicating whether a watchOS app should opt out of automatically launching when its companion iOS app starts playing audio content.

Name: Opt out of Auto-launch Audio App (Watch)
property list key CLKComplicationSupportedFamilies

The complication families for which the app can provide data.

Name: ClockKit Complication - Supported Families