Let customers chat with your business using the Messages app.


Business Chat lets customers chat directly with your business using the Messages app on their device, and it lets you respond to those messages through your Customer Service Platform (CSP). Your CSP provider implements the server-to-server REST API that makes it possible to send and receive texts and photos, request payment through Apple Pay, and much more. Customers can even start a chat from your app with the tap of a button.

Figure 1

Customers and businesses communicate with one another using the Messages app, Business Chat, and a Custom Service Platform.

A diagram showing a customer using the Messages app to send a text message to a business through Business Chat, and the business sending a reply using the Customer Service Platform.


First Steps

Registering for Business Chat

Register your business with Apple to start using Business Chat.

Exploring Business Chat

Give Business Chat a try using Business Chat Sandbox and Messages.

Chat with Customers

Enabling Business and Place Cards

Allow customers to contact your business from Maps, Safari, Siri, and Spotlight searches.

Starting a Chat from your App

Let customers start a conversation with you from your app.

class BCChatButton

A Business Chat-branded button for use in your app.

class BCChatAction

Performs actions for a chat.

Adding a Business Chat Button to Your Website

Let customers start a conversation with you by adding a Business Chat button to your website.

Starting a Chat from a URL

Let customers start a conversation with you from your website or email message.

Customer Service Platform Integration

Integration specifications for Customer Service Platform providers.

Integrating with Business Chat

Let businesses send and receive text messages with their customers by integrating your Customer Service Platform with Business Chat.

Receiving Messages

Receive, route, and prioritize incoming messages sent by customers.

Sending Messages

Send responses from businesses to their customers.

Handling Message Attachments

Receive and send file attachments.

Enhancing the Customer's User Experience

Provide a rich user experience with interactive messages.

Supporting Apple Pay

Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.